Elaine Stritch: Simplicity, Intimacy, Inspiration! 

I came across the name Elaine Stritch on the DVD My Favorite Broadway Leading Ladies. She sang one song, Ladies Who Lunch by Stephen Sondheim, and I was SOLD!

My search for inspirational music led quickly back to Elaine Stritch, and I discovered she was much more than just a leading lady. I typed One Woman Show in the search box for YouTube, and there she was in two hours, twenty five minutes, and fifteen seconds of intimacy, simplicity, perfection. I didn’t move, I didn’t breathe.

Elaine Stritch, a tiny lady on a huge stage, wearing a simple white shirt and shoes, nothing else. She would occasionally sit on a bar chair, tell her story, share her music and memories. For me, it was like two and a half hours of magic.

The opening of the show is my favorite part, There’s No Business Like Show Business, remains forever carved into my memory. I only regret not having been there to see her performance Live.

What a show! What a woman!

What am I talking about?
See for yourself!